Ottawa Microblading Specialists

Microblading is a form of temporary tattooing, which is also referred to as microstroking. It is often used to enhance your natural eyebrow shape, colour and form. Our experts can carefully deposit the pigment so your eyebrows retain perfect form, and look 100% natural. If you have faint eyebrows, or perhaps plucked too aggressively, this is an excellent option to restore your shape, form and thickness and have it be a more permanent solution. If you are worried about your brows looking too fake and want an alternative that lasts an average of 18 months, you’ll definitely want to come in for a free consultation. Our microblading expert can let you know if this is the right fit for you, and give you options for the style, form and thickness you’re looking for.

Precision Styling, our sister salon is  also within Billings Bridge and  offers professional microblading services starting from $350 with a free touch-up.

 Call Precision Styling @ (613) 249-8383 to book your free consultation today!

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